Water & Flood Damage

Sewage Clean Up

There are several ways in which sewage and wastewater could pose a risk to you and your property. From excessive rainfall and adverse weather conditions to pipe blockages and pipework deterioration.

Dryright have the capability to deal with any sewage clean-up operation and together with the essential PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), knowledge and tools, our fully trained technicians can clean and decontaminate any areas which have met with hazardous water.

Our technicians carry advanced ATP Surface Hygiene Swab Testing Machines in order to determine that the level of hygiene left behind following a clean-up caused by sewage is satisfactory, ensuring your property is clean and safe.

This device measures biological contamination in real time by sampling and evaluating the concentration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is present in all living cells carrying the threat of contamination.

This device is also useful for testing in a wide range of environments where hygiene is important, including restaurants and kitchens, hospitals, swimming baths and all air conditioning systems.

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Emergency response & 24 hour callouts

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Dryright Limited is a Nationwide company with over 30 years’ experience in flood and fire damage restoration

Dryright work with many of the UK’s leading Utility Companies, Loss Adjusters and Insurance Companies providing full project management and complete damage restoration.

We have worked with Dryright for over 15 years.

They developed a system that is not only fast, efficient and cost effective but also reduces the impact on customers. Their attention to the customer service side of incidents is first class and they often prevent problems developing by using their own initiative and stepping in quickly. I would recommend their services to anyone.

George Arnott Insurance & Claims Manager- Northumbrian Water