Water & Flood Damage

Drying Solutions

Following water damage to a property, it is essential that the drying process is started as quickly as possible to avoid any secondary damage such as mould growth and rot.

Dryright own a vast supply of both domestic and commercial drying equipment to cover any situation, whether this is flood related or a small leak in your property.

We tailor every drying method to ensure the equipment used is specifically matched to the type of building and the nature of the incident, with the least amount of disruption.

Our drying equipment ranges in size from small domestic dehumidifiers and air movers up to British Hydronic speed drying trailers.

Drying Equipment Dryright Employ:

  • Domestic Dehumidifiers
  • Commercial Dehumidifiers
  • Air Movers
  • Desiccant Dryers
  • Void Drying Systems
  • DBK Drying Systems
  • Speed Drying Trailers

Our most advanced drying method is our Positive Pressure Moisture Displacement speed drying trailers.

After extensive research in the USA, Canada and within the UK Fire Service, our speed drying trailers have been built and developed to the highest of standards.

We have engineered a cost-effective system which runs on environmentally safe fuel: biodiesel, agricultural diesel or LPG. By eliminating the need for chemical and microbiocide solutions, mould, bacteria and pathogens are dealt with by appropriate levels of heat with virtually no environmental impact.

PPMDS is a unique system that transfers its full heat and drying capability into the building. It is 25% more effective than other drying systems in its category.

It delivers its full heat capability into a structure and is controlled by a remote thermostatic system. This allows the temperature to be raised or lowered, giving even cover of a controlled hot or warm air environment.

By positively pressurising the building with controlled hot or warm moisture-free air, drying times are cut from months to days.

Stripping out is only necessary in areas of extreme damage.

Mould, bacteria and viruses are eliminated without the need for harsh chemicals.

The benefits include reduced drying costs, lower reinstatement costs, less business disruption and significant savings on alternative accommodation.

How important is heat?

Raising the temperature by just 10° Celsius causes the relative humidity to drop dramatically which has significant advantages:

  • Heat stops potentially harmful bacterial growth which develops in the presence of moisture.
  • Heat reduces annoying and irritating odours.
  • Heat eliminates the need for toxic chemicals.
  • Drying with heat returns the building to its pre-loss moisture equilibrium at a much quicker rate.

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Dryright Limited is a Nationwide company with over 30 years’ experience in flood and fire damage restoration

Dryright work with many of the UK’s leading Utility Companies, Loss Adjusters and Insurance Companies providing full project management and complete damage restoration.

We have worked with Dryright for over 15 years.

They developed a system that is not only fast, efficient and cost effective but also reduces the impact on customers. Their attention to the customer service side of incidents is first class and they often prevent problems developing by using their own initiative and stepping in quickly. I would recommend their services to anyone.

George Arnott Insurance & Claims Manager- Northumbrian Water