Water & Flood Damage

Leak Detection

An increase in your water bill without any additional usage may be a tell-tale sign that you have a hidden leak somewhere.

Failure to identify the source of the hidden leak could result in significant damage to your property over time.

If you feel you may have a leak but are not sure how to go about finding it, Dryright can help.

Dryright offer a leak detection service which can identify the location and nature of the leak using several techniques, including thermal leak detection, acoustic, endoscopy and water and salt analysis.

This advanced technology combined with our fully trained leak detection technicians means that we can identify leaks effectively, whether completely hidden behind walls or under floors etc.

Once the leak has been located, Dryright can offer the required remedial works, drying out services and reinstatement works to return your property to pre-incident condition.

Moisture Detection
Using a thermal image camera, finding concealed moisture is fast and non-destructive. There’s no need for expensive and invasive stripping out. The process can not only locate moisture but also creates an image showing temperature variations. Leaks and inherent dampness create a temperature difference and this is highlighted by the camera.

Our trained technicians use the data to determine the source, depth and spread of the moisture, the areas affected and areas at risk. Leaks several metres away from the source and inherent problems like rising damp and badly maintained property are also identified.

Building Defects
Thermal imaging can indicate defects like cavities bridged by badly fitted double glazed windows, faults involving blocked drainage holes and casement packing, and missing insulation causing cold spots and consequent condensation problems.

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Dryright Limited is a Nationwide company with over 30 years’ experience in flood and fire damage restoration

Dryright work with many of the UK’s leading Utility Companies, Loss Adjusters and Insurance Companies providing full project management and complete damage restoration.

We have worked with Dryright for over 15 years.

They developed a system that is not only fast, efficient and cost effective but also reduces the impact on customers. Their attention to the customer service side of incidents is first class and they often prevent problems developing by using their own initiative and stepping in quickly. I would recommend their services to anyone.

George Arnott Insurance & Claims Manager- Northumbrian Water